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Forming Healthy Habits with Priyanka Aribindi

Let's start with one goal.

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Leslie Stephens
The companion podcast to Morning Person Newsletter, hosted by Leslie Stephens. Open and honest conversations on navigating big decisions, gathering, and living a meaningful life best served with coffee.
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This podcast episode is a companion to “Issue #60: How to Form Better Habits.”

There’s an optimized version of myself that exists only in my imagination: She wakes up every morning refreshed from eight quality hours of sleep, cooks nutritious meals, never skips a workout, always looks put-together, and always shows up for herself and others. Naturally, she keeps her inbox at zero and is prompt to reply to texts. New Yorkers are read the moment they arrive. In reality, I regularly find myself falling short of the lofty goals and expectations I set for myself despite the pressure I put on myself. It’s why Priyanka Aribindi is a proponent on focusing on just one self-improvement goal each month.

It really came down to: I was feeling bad about myself for not doing every thing that I thought I should be. - Priyanka Aribindi

Priyanka is the co-host of Crooked Media’s nightly ‘What A Day’ podcast, author of the newsletter Shit I Bought And Liked, and the best-dressed guest at every wedding she attends (not to mention an all-around generous and kind person). Earlier this year, when she began to feel down on herself for not having this “perfect life,” she decided to slow down and focus on forming one habit at a time.

I sat down to chat with Priyanka recently about how she made the leap from marketing to hosting a hugely popular nightly news podcast, what her days look like now, and sleeping more and drinking less.

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