Aug 3 • 52M

Tap Into Your Creativity with Jewelry Designer Betsy Cross

Rituals to spark ideas.

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Leslie Stephens
The companion podcast to Morning Person Newsletter, hosted by Leslie Stephens. Open and honest conversations on navigating big decisions, gathering, and living a meaningful life best served with coffee.
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This podcast episode is a companion to “Issue #90: How to Ignite and Foster Creativity When You're Busy AF.

Betsy has been designing for fifteen years, creating both custom work and standalone collections while running her successful (and expanding!) Portland-based company Betsy & Iya alongside her husband, Will. When I met Betsy at her shop over coffee and brioche from St. Honore, we chatted straight through the hour we’d scheduled with the ease of old friends. We picked back up a week later—this time hitting “record”—to chat about how to foster creativity, put it to work, and how we each define a creative life.

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